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Space Heater Safety Tips

16 Feb

Central heating systems distribute warm air throughout a building, but some rooms may have cold spots or need additional heat. Space heaters can be a great way to augment heat, and they can also be the source of fires, shocks and injury. As winter drags on, many people will take their safety for granted, and […]

Know Your Home Electrical System

29 Jan
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Electricity powers almost everything that makes our lives comfortable. Heating and cooling equipment, refrigerators, computers, lights, fans and hybrid cars require electricity to function. Before World War II, 60 amperes at the service panel was adequate to meet home electrical system requirements. Today, households require a minimum of 100 amps. Large homes, or those with […]

Top 10 Holiday Electrical Hazards

22 Dec

Home electrical safety may not be the most festive topic, but it’s an important consideration before pulling out the holiday decorations. Knowing what holiday electrical hazards are most common during the season, you can prevent unnecessary problems and help to keep your family safe. Here are the top 10 causes of electrical shock, fires, and […]

Electrical Inspection for the Holidays

20 Nov
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Keeping Your Home Safe with an Electrical Inspection The holidays are looming around the corner and that means a lot of time spent in the kitchen and a great time for an electrical inspection. It’s easy to get distracted by the stresses of stuffing the turkey and housing the in-laws and before you know it, […]

Electrical Trivia

15 Oct
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How much do you know about the invisible energy that lights up the world?  Check out the electrical trivia questions below and check your answers at the bottom of the page. Question #1: Which American company consumes the highest percentage of the world’s energy? General Motors ExxonMobil Google Dow Question #2: Halogen lamps should always […]

Football Season Safety Tips

22 Sep
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Football season is here.  Whether your passions are with your high school, college, the Broncos, or favorite fantasy football team (or even if you’re just along for the ride for the sake of a good burger), a lack of safety precaution can make your game watching experience miserable. Check out these football season safety tips […]

DIY Electrical Mistakes

18 Aug
electrical hazards

Many homeowners like to go the  DIY route when it comes to smaller projects around their homes.  But when you’re not using a professional, it’s easy to overlook little mistakes.  And with electricity, little mistakes can be dangerous, even deadly.  We’ve listed five of the most common DIY electrical mistakes and how to avoid them. Making […]

What Causes Flickering Lights?

29 Jun

Do you have annoying flickering lights in your home that you can’t seem to fix? What causes flickering lights? While flickering lights may seem like a simple nuisance to a homeowner, the presence of such a faulty light could be a sign of a more serious underlying electrical service problem. Flickering Lights and House Fires Believe […]

Home Electrical Renovation Tips

11 Feb

  You’ve decided that its time for a remodel. You’ve found new flooring, paint colors, and furniture, but have you considered a renovation of your home’s electrical system? With the addition of new infrastructure and appliances, your electrical system may need upgrades. Check out these electrical renovation tips to remember while in the remodel process! […]

Tips for an Energy Efficient Homes

08 Feb

In recent reports, experts found that the U.S. as a whole is less than 50% energy efficient. Other reports state that around 75% of produced energy gets lost before it even reaches a home. Those numbers indicate that the majority of the energy in the U.S. gets wasted. So how can we have energy efficient […]