Electrical Trivia from Attaboy Electric

15 Oct
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Electricity: is everywhere and nowhere all at once.  How much do you know about the invisible energy that lights up the world?  (answers below) Question #1: Which American company consumes the highest percentage of the world’s energy? General Motors ExxonMobil Google Dow Question #2: Halogen lamps should always be kept away from? Curtains Clothing Combustible […]

DIY Electrical Mistakes

18 Aug
electrical hazards

Many homeowners like to go DIY when it comes to smaller projects around their homes.  But when you’re not using a professional, it’s easy to overlook little mistakes.  And with electricity, little mistakes can be dangerous, even deadly.  We’ve listed five of the most common home electric mistakes and how to avoid them. Making Connections […]

Flickering Lights Safety

29 Jun

Do you have annoying flickering lights in your home that you can’t seem to fix? While flickering lights may seem like a simple nuisance to a homeowner, Attaboy Master Electricians Littleton, Colorado understands that the presence of such a faulty light could be a sign of a more serious underlying electrical service problem. Flickering Lights […]