8 Common Electrical Questions, Answered

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Specializing in residential electrical work, we at Attaboy Electric Services hear a lot of electrical questions from concerned or curious homeowners.

Electrical systems are as complex as they are hidden, and naturally with something as consequential as your lighting and appliance power, you want to know what’s going on. From questions about DIY electrical repair and specific electrical projects, to questions about our business model, we’ve heard them all. At Attaboy Electric Services, we are known for saving you money, but in the interest of saving you some time, we’ve compiled a list of eight commonly asked electrical questions.

“Can I Do My Own Electrical Repairs?”

The short answer is: you shouldn’t. The longer answer is: you shouldn’t because electrical systems can be dangerous, and if you are having issues, such as with a blown fuse or wonky wiring, it is always recommended you contact an experienced professional to get the job done safely and correctly. Especially if you live in an old house with aluminum wiring, handling can be particularly hazardous.

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“Why Are My Lights Flickering On And Off?”

You may have come across this nuisance at some point in your own home, but what causes it? As is so often the case with electrical systems, there are multiple possible reasons, which is why we offer several electrical services for troubleshooting issues. Your flickering lights might be caused by loose wiring, which, if that’s the case, means you need an electrician pronto, as loose wiring is a leading cause of house fires. It might also be caused by voltage fluctuation – surges and spikes in the voltage of the power supply – which, in addition to causing your lights to flicker, is probably also bumping up your electricity bill.

“Why Does My Breaker Trip?”

Put simply, a circuit breaker trips when there is too much electricity going through it. Think of your circuit breaker tripping as a defense mechanism, meant to keep it – and you – safe. When it receives an excess load of electricity, rather than overheating and likely causing a fire, the breaker trips, ceasing the flow of electricity. A breaker tripping could also be the result of a short circuit or ground fault, both of which can be tough to detect and potentially dangerous, so it’s wise to hire an electrician to do some diagnostic work, especially if the tripping keeps happening.

“Does My House Need Rewiring?”

That all depends. Is your wiring old, and have you been experiencing electricity problems? If so, call us here at Attaboy Electric Services to come take a look. You may have aluminum wiring (which, as we’ve established above, can be dangerous and inefficient) or knob-and-tube wiring (an old type of wiring not suitable for today’s power use). Even if your wiring isn’t old, you can still feel free to chat with us about rewiring, since there is still a chance that rewiring your house can improve the overall efficiency of your electrical wiring system. Regardless of the age of your wiring, if you are experiencing frequent blown fuses, burning smells, outlet sparks or flickering lights, call us for diagnostics – your house may need rewiring.

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“What’s An AFCI, And Do I Need It?”

Since 2014, the US National Electric Code has required most residences to have an Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter for protection against electrical arcs, which can cause house fires. To that end, you should definitely get a panel upgrade with an AFCI breaker. It could wind up saving your life! An arc-fault breaker picks up on a circuit’s “arcing” – that is, the sparking between metal contact points in the wiring – and shuts off before the sparking has a chance to cause a fire. But installing an AFCI is not a project that an untrained homeowner should attempt. As with any breaker panel project, it is best to call in the pros.

“Is It Possible To Get An Exact Estimate For A Project?”

With us it is! We can’t speak for other electricians in the Denver area, but Attaboy Electric will provide you with an exact cost of the project, whether you’ve hired us to fix your wiring, assist with appliance upgrades in your home or any other project, big or small. We believe that transparency and frank communication are important tenets in the electrician/client relationship, which is why we strive to be as forthright and clear as possible.

“Do You Offer A Warranty?”

We sure do. It is rare that customers actually need to use that warranty, since we pride ourselves on offering high quality materials, but we still offer a five-year, no-questions-asked warranty. We have confidence in our work and materials, so we figure we might as well back that confidence up with a real, usable guarantee. Whereas other electricians might offer cheap materials that barely last longer than their warranties, we have long-lasting warranties and even longer lasting products.

Last Electrical Question: “What Should I Look For In An Electrician?”

Luckily, one of our recent blog post tackles this very question. You want to find a credible electrician with a license from the Colorado State Electrical board, who has experience working with a range of electrical problems. Your electrician should have a keen eye for detail, a sleuth’s sensibilities when it comes to diagnosing electrical issues, and a clear, concise way of delivering information to you. Put a different way: when looking for an electrician, you should be searching under “A”, for Attaboy.

If you have a burning question that wasn’t answered here, drop us a line and we will be happy to answer. These are just eight of the most commonly asked questions, but with something as complex and far-reaching as electrical work, there are millions more questions you could (and should) ask.

Don’t “live in the dark” when it comes to your electrical systems. Get to the bottom of your electrical problem, or have your electrical questions answered when you hire Attaboy Electric Services for the job.

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