What is an electrical pigtail, and what advantages does it provide to your electrical system?

When your outlets need multiple wires going through a single screw terminal, you have to create what experts call an electrical pigtail. Electricians also use pig tailing to extend a wire that doesn’t stretch long enough in an electrical box.

To do this, they use one wire to connect several wires together, which keeps the overall number of wires low. This leads to a cleaner area, which translates into a lower fire hazard and more space for everything to hook up neatly. You should not attempt to do this procedure on your own, as an improperly installed pig tail can actually increase fire risks instead of mitigating them. Our Master Electrician and his highly trained team can provide you the benefits of this procedure without introducing electrical hazards.

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As a Denver area homeowner, you understand the importance of hiring an expert electrician for quality work.

It keeps all the appliances and features in your home running smoothly. You don’t have to worry about flickering lights or failing washing machines. A quality electrician also mitigates the fire risks in your home, which means that you should only ever entrust your wiring installations, renovations, and repairs to a dependable one.

This especially holds true when you have to do more complicated electrical work, like grounding electrical outlets. Luckily, you can turn to Attaboy Electric Services for the reliable, long-lasting electrician relationship you need for your home’s longevity. Your safety and comfort matter to us, and we look forward to earning your trust as we work within your home.

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To learn more about pig tailing and overall electrical retrofitting in the Denver area, give us a call at 303-288-2269. We have a Master Electrician and Contractors license in two different states, so you can depend on Attaboy Electric Services when you need an expert electrician in your home.