Prepare The Electrical Systems For Winter

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You wouldn’t wait for a full-blown health emergency to go visit the doctor, and the same is true of your house. Having your electrical systems inspected and upgraded with some regularity is an important part of keeping a well-functioning house.

Electrical systems need to be checked. Being proactive is always a smart move.

And that’s doubly important in the winter. As the winter months approach, the weather gets more volatile, which can cause outages. You start plugging more appliances in, like space heaters, Christmas tree lights and stand mixers. You use the oven more, to cook your holiday meals. And you keep the lights on longer, to counter the long hours of darkness. Together, these things put a strain on various electrical systems, and could potentially cause issues. That’s why, in the spirit of being proactive, we have put together this handy checklist.

Avoid Power Outages

In order to avoid frustrating (and potentially dangerous) power outages, get a gas- or solar-powered generator for your home. Otherwise, have electrical services in Denver on hand in the event of an emergency outage. If your whole street is down, and you don’t have a generator, there isn’t much you can do in the way of fixing the problem, but you can act smartly: never use a gas stove to heat your house; disconnect your appliances to avoid electrical surge damage; and ensure your fridge and freezer are closed so that your food is kept fresh.

Upgrade Your Wiring

Especially if you are experiencing troubles with any of your electric wiring systems, have us come and inspect your wiring.

It may be a simple troubleshooting problem, in which case we can swiftly and efficiently tackle the issue, or it might be a more elaborate, consequential issue. Either way, it’s good to get it out of the way before winter hits, and the holidays put stress on the electrical systems.

Have Your Electrical Panel Inspected

Is your electrical panel old? Is it warm, or does it smell “off”? Does it trip often, or do the lights in your home flicker? These are all telltale signs that you need to upgrade your breaker panel immediately. With the amount of appliances and gadgets on the go this winter, you will want a breaker panel that can keep up, so call Attaboy Electric Services today to come take a look.

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Ensure Your Smoke Detector Is In Tip-Top Shape

Between shortbread baking, turkey roasting and all the various other cooking projects that accompany the winter season, your oven will be working overtime. Add to that the number of Christmas lights strung up around the house, and the lit candles on the table, and what you get is a potential fire hazard. To keep everyone safe, make sure you have updated, inspected smoke detectors around your house.

Conserve Energy With Your Electrical Systems

Before the winter hits, and before you have to keep the lights on for most of the day, switch your lighting over to energy efficient LEDs. To do so, contact Attaboy Electric Services. We are experts in home circuitry and can help your upgrade your whole home to energy efficient LEDs. Your pocket book will thank you. It could wind up saving you a lot of money on your electric bill. If you’re curious, you can check out this guide on how light emitting diodes work.
While the mild fall weather is still around, contact Attaboy Electric Services to help prepare your electrical systems for winter. Upgrade your wiring, breaker panel and smoke detector, and switch over to energy saving LEDs.

The weather might be volatile, but there’s no reason your electrical systems should be.

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