Should I Hire an Electrician for Christmas Light Installation?

Christmas Light Installation

Though the Christmas season has passed for 2019, we have a whole year to prepare for the festivities to once again return to our doorstep! As we enter the phase of dismantling the trees, lights, decorations, and devouring the last of our holiday goodies, some thought and planning can be considered to help streamline the process next season and have an easier time with the set-up and tear-down. For many, this after-Christmas dead zone is more annoying and time consuming than the excitement and cheer of putting it all up to admire.

When To Hire An Electrician For Christmas Light Installation

To some, hiring a professional for your Christmas light installation may seem silly. We are naturally eager to save money where we can, especially with the holidays approaching, and doing things ourselves is always far more satisfying and cost effective. Plus, for many of us, we’ve grown up watching our moms and dads do the decorating, and have taken on the responsibility in our own lives.

If You Don’t Understand The Rules & Dangers

For many, putting up Christmas lights around the exterior of your home is just as simple as stringing lights along the porch or through your trees. If you weren’t aware of the several laws regarding Christma decorations (like did you know there is a time limit for how long they can remain up?), your neighborhood also probably has specific guidelines to follow, or even your county. Violating these rules in place could result in you being fined.

Beyond this, anytime you attempt to do electrical work without proper equipment or protection, you’re running the risk of injury, especially if you’re using a ladder.

You Are Physically Limited

Scaling ladders, lifting lots of wire, or installation of proper support for lighting for your home can be a tough job. You probably need a good deal of tools, some physical strength, and the confidence to put yourself up there and spend a couple of hours it takes to get things set up properly. A professional already has the tools needed, plus the experience and physical ability to do your light installation.

Time Is An Issue

Dedicating to a big light job takes, well, commitment! Between busy end-of-the-year work schedules, visiting family, cooking, shopping, present wrapping, and the hundred other to-do lists on your mind, stringing lights painstakingly meticulous across your home probably isn’t high on the priority… nor something anyone actually wants to sacrifice their precious time towards.

You Want To Ensure Quality

Finally, letting an electrician just gives you the peace of mind that you’re safe and protected from any dangers, plus your lights look the best they can be without breaking any rules. Electricians know what your power outage can take, they know how to best install lights, and how to hide the extension cords and cables needed for a big job. Trust them to make your home beautiful for the holidays next year and take the chance to relax!