What To Look For When Hiring An Electrician

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Have you ever undertaken a DIY plumbing project, only to make matters worse? Well, DIY electrical work is like that, only a whole lot more dangerous. Instead of a burst pipe spraying water, you might wind up with a fire or an electrocution. Sure, it can be done, but it is always best to leave it to a professional electrician, someone with a license and the requisite know-how to get the job done safely and properly. Hiring an electrician is very important.

What separates an “okay” electrician from a great one, and is it possible to gauge what kind of service you will receive before you fork over your money? The short answer is that, yes, it certainly is possible to hire a local electrician who is a sure thing (We at Attaboy Electric Services should know!), and we’ve given you the following criteria to look for. If an electrician ticks off each of these boxes, as we at Attaboy Electric Services do, then you know you’ll be getting great service and professional work.

Here’s what to look for when hiring an electrician:

They Are Licensed And Experienced

Let’s start with the basics. Any electrician or technician you hire should be a certified to do the job, with the proper licensure from the Colorado State Electrical Board. At Attaboy Electric Services, we have taken it a step further: owner Brian Werderman has two Master Electrician licenses and a Journeyman license, and he oversees all projects. Whether you are hiring an electrician to update your lighting or rewire your home, experience is key, so make sure you hire someone who has ample experience with a wide range of electrical services and repairs.

They Are Effective Communicators

Too often, when doing home repairs or services, electricians don’t effectively communicate the nature of the electrical project. This can lead to a feeling among customers that there is a lack of transparency. A great electrician ought to be able to detail, in easy-to-understand terms, the services they will be providing, and provide you with an exact cost for the project.

They Have Good Reviews And Accolades

In the internet age, the best way to separate the wheat from the chaff is with online reviews. There are two types of people, generally, who leave reviews: people who are outraged and people who are very pleased. Find an electrician whose reviews are weighted heavily toward the latter and you know you will be getting great service. You can also look for accolades; for instance, at Attaboy Electric Services, we have a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, as well as a “Best of” prize and “Elite Service” designation from HomeAdvisor, among other accolades. We also receive a lot of referrals, which is a surefire sign that we are doing something right!

When Hiring An Electrician They Offer A Solid Warranty

There are too many electricians who install lackluster, “builder grade” systems and materials, and then offer a one-year warranty, knowing full well that the system will last barely beyond the warranty term. At Attaboy Electric Services, we believe in a “buy once, cry once” policy, which favors high quality, well made materials, on which we offer a five-year, no-questions-asked warranty. That’s the way it should be, so contact us anytime if you want peace of mind with your purchase.

They Offer A Worry-Free Estimate

Transparency is so important to the customer experience. A customer should know exactly how much they have to pay for a project, from a free estimate, and make their own informed choice. They should not be gouged with hidden costs. Find an electrician who offers a worry-free, exact estimate – that’s the mark of a professional.

If you find an electrician who ticks off all these boxes (ahem, us), then use them for life. Having access to a great electrician is invaluable. It means that any time there is a problem, or any time you want to upgrade your electrical system, you know that you are going to get professional, reliable and transparent service for a reasonable, agreed-upon price.